Biochemistry Research Topics


  1. Nutritional status of primary school pupils ( A case study of add name and state of primary school)
  2. Determination of the cyanogenic potential of cassava, partial purification and hydrolytic activity of B-glucosidase from two cultivars of cassava (505 and 419)
  3. Comparative study of the fatty acid profile of three species of fish consumed in (add your location) scomberomoru maculates, sardina pichardus, prochitodus lineatus
  4. The phytochemical content, antioxidant and anti inflammatory activities of lycopersicum esculentum
  5. Effect of decoction of gongronema latifolium vernonia amygdalina leaves on postprandial blood glucose modulation in healthy human subjects
  6. Blood analysis of grasscutter and rabbit
  7. Evaluation and phytochemical composition and antioxidant properties of sansaviera liberica leaves
  8. The effect of Denettia Tripetala (mmimi) and gongronema latifolium (utazi) on the shelf life or stability of locally prepared sorghum beverage (kunun)
  9. Comparative study of the lipid profile on four kinds of dietary oils consumed in Nigeria (Groudnut oil, African bean oil (pentaclethra macrophylla), Turkey oil and fish oil
  10. Antiniciceptive, antioxidant effect of methanolic extract of operculina turpeth leaves
  11. The effect of feeding mucuna oil on serum lipids of albino rats
  12. Phytochemical and nutritional analysis of cola parchycarpa
  13. The effect of pleurotus tuber regium on female hormone response
  14. Serum, urea and creatinine levels in rats feed with cooked and raw mucuna (seed meal)
  15. The effect of dietary incorporation of vernonia amygdalina on blood lipid profile of rats following oral glucose dosing
  16. Invitro antisickling potentials of the ethanolic and aqueous extract of paulinia pinnata root bark on serum lipid profile and in vivo anti oxidant property of alloxan induced diabetic rats
  17. Proposed inhibition of carbon tetrachlorideinduced hepatotoxicity in rat by onion extract
  18. Effects of chloroquine phosphate on the levels of some biochemical indices in malaria patients
  19. Hypoglycemic effects of ethano; extract anarcadium occidental leaves
  20. Isolation and partial purification of B-amylase from three different varieties of sweet potato (Ipomea batatas)
  21. Prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose regulations in males around Umudike
  22. Comparison of biochemical parameters in adolescent and adult males and females in (add your location eg Imsu)
  23. Liver function indices of rats administered ethanol extract of (ficus exasperate vahl)
  24. The determination of liver function and histopathological studies of rats fed with ginger lily corn meal
  25. Evaluation of oral glucose tolerance in rats fed 10% and 20% dietary incorporated treculia Africana(roasted)
  26. Whole blood clotting time of animals supplemented with sacoglottis gabonensis stem bark extract and salicylic acid
  27. Nutritional status of girls in ( add location) secondary school of your state
  28. Hormonal changes associated with insecticide exposure in albino rats


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