Broken Egg

Sometimes let the tears roll
And clear the cloud of heaviness
It happens without a clue
I say the answers for know i know

In a copy of the book of pain
lies a secret open later
Our path of journey can explain
You may not bleed but desire an encounter

The surgeon’s stitches may give a try
And balm heals wound overtime
There to mend is a broken heart
The memory of pain lives to scare



Humbly here is nedukems, very much interested in personal development. I loosen creativity in writing, music and other arts. Am professionally, a Food Technologist. I bid you a warm welcome here….say yes to your positive dreams, i believe in you!. leave your feedback at

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1 Response

  1. Jude Peters says:

    Twelve line poems are rare these days and a kinda outdated.
    Do focus on fourteen line poems.
    most of the lines are plain without enough metaphors.

    The fourth line reads:I say the answers for know i know*
    …do make more meaningful. Good all the same

    Lets talk ma boi…Great piece

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