Chrome’s Latest Feature Gains Appreciation In Digital Technology

Chrome users would enjoy a great time of browsing experience as Google lets out an interesting pop.
The chrome 81 came with a big surprise about a month ago, powered by google, this exciting feature, offers vast ‘Tab Groups’ choices. This achievement records the biggest change on the functionality of Chrome tabs in the past 11 years, the browser was launched.
Its quite easier now, to arrange an array of tabs that are open in chrome. Take this few steps and you are on the start already!
Right click/double-tap on any tab
Select ‘Add to new group’
This takes you to various options of customization. Click on the group header (a coloured dot is used by default) to customize the group name (tip: never make it lengthy to avoid wasting valuable tab space), change the group color, ungroup tabs or close all tabs in the group. As soon as you create your first group, you can ungroup it by also right clicking on any tab or move it to any of your existing groups.

(photo source Gordon Kelly)

Tab Groups in its simplicity, brings a change to your old chrome browsing experience. No more need to open different browser window your works. The Tab Groups design have them all under the umbrella of a single window as each work is remarkably distinguished. Now you can save your fingers for just fewer clicks.
The challenge of tab management in chrome has existed long enough being the reason for emergence of several third party extensions to remedy the challenge for so many years ago. This feature is available in Google chrome only and not in other Chrome-Operated browsers.
Windows, Mac and Linux, are Chrome 81-compatible Having updated (Help > About), your software or device and you still find it difficult to see Tab Groups, use the If for any reason you don’t see Tab Groups after updating. Try enabling them manually in the Chrome address bar using: chrome://flags/#tab-groups,.


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