Covid19: UNILAG Invents Medical Ventilator


‘Recently we came up with the ventilator which has been tested and we are going to the prototype. We have the support of the Lagos State Science Research and innovation Council. So we have the support from outside the campus, but we need more’    – Vice Chancellor UNILAG


An energy-saving medical ventilator named Ambubag, has been invented by the University of Lagos. The initiative which was led by the Director of innovation Professor Hakeem in the department of physics, counts noteworthy besides numerous impressive contributions by the University as the global fight against Covid19 scourge continues.

Professor Hakeem, who narrated how the ventilator was invented by eleven-man team, described that the ventilator is powered by a charged battery or solar panel. According to him, the ventilator was made using locally sourced materials and therefore, is economically affordable besides its reliable and effective values.

Expressing concern over the country’s population, a respiratory tract expert Olutola Olatosin, related a difference in the pre-Covid19 demand for ventilators compared to the recent situation. According to him, there are less than 500 hundred ventilators to support Covid19 patients challenged with breathing problems.

A former student of the department of physics UniLag, who is also part of the eleven-man team, shared his thoughts on the need for government and private organizations to fund research findings. “We believe if the government can harness into the resources of young youths doing amazing things, I believe its not just going to take Nigeria to be competing with other countries, there’s future of us being able to at least set example for other countries, but that can only happen if the government is ready to invest in the resources of the youth as being the human resources of the country’’



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