Deja Vu

It was exactly 5:35 am, I had closed from a hectic night duty and was hurrying home to plan my schedule for the day. Shortly, I got a distress call from an unknown person, whose background was very noisy that I could barely hear. Ending the call, several repeated attempts i made to connect failed; the lines’ malfunctioning could be due to possible technical hitches or distortions in network signals I inferred. I forgot my cardigan at the office and was under the torture of the severe early Monday morning cold following a torrential night more than a mizzle. Who could this be? I trust everything is fine? these were just few, besides thousands of questions that beclouded my pre-occupied mind. It took about five minutes before the line finally got through, feeling very much befuddled down my spine, I connected to a male voice who introduced himself as Inspector Hoffman, from the police security, requesting to speak to Mr Jibo, Speak on, you are unto Mr Jibo, i responded. He told me that on the course of an early morning patrol in the company of his team, they stumbled onto a young lady who was down in struggle with breath seizure. Having pulled back and taken a closer look, they realized from her I.D card, she is suzzy by name and an employee of a Non- governmental organization. According to him, they recovered an address book which contained my number besides other valuables they picked from the scene. Mr. Hoffman hung up as he told me to make my way to Sun City hospital, where the victim was admitted, and also to contact the divisional police headquarters, for the recovered valuables of the victim. It was about 6:30am I was somewhere near a commercial market at the island, the market is such a busy one that attracts buyers and sellers of different commodities in the metropolis. The distance from the market to the hospital would be less than an hour as the usual heavy traffic within the city is yet asleep. I fastened my sit belt and headed towards the hospital. I followed the popular ladoke road which extended towards the north end of yalwa street where the low price shopping mall is located. The road has three traffic poles which are about 6 kilometers distanced from each other, my eyes swept different directions as I drove under the bright street lights which revealed various familiar street manifolds and structures. i spotted the early morning newspaper vendors by the road sides, increasing my speed a little bit, I perceived the nice aroma emanating from the frying pan of the local road side beans cake fryers that sells hot ‘akara’ to workers and school children that have already started their day. In less than 10 minutes, I got to the hospital. This was the same hospital I visited a colleague that suffered anorexia just a year ago. The hospital’s entrance is characterized by magnificent, multi-colored flowers and palm- like plants very common in the coastal forests and the kurrajongs. I quickly climbed the slabs up to the large entrance corridor leading to the reception, the glass slide doors are sensor-triggered, and opened as I made my way to the reception where I was directed to the room where suzzy was. A doctor was about leaving the room as I entered. Who are you he asked?. I am Mr Jibo, suzzy’s husband I replied. Yawned a bit, he said, she is fine now, but needs some rest, she has suffered asthmatic attack due to the early morning harmattan haze. I will be in my office he continued, and see me as soon as she wakes, he gently shut the door behind him and left. I drew a chair close to her bed and lay my head by her side holding her hand gently. The anxiety got me nervous for some time, but after a while, I relaxed and my feeble state led to some minutes of deep sleep. Not quite long I slept, my alarm gave out a loud noise that broke the silence of the room. I woke up and realized it was a dream as I was already 30 minutes late for the day’s work. Immediately, I rushed into the bathroom, had a cold shower. Breakfast is served, my wife called. Hurriedly I wore my clothes and shoes, went to the mirror to see my look, I noticed how my wife gazed at me with eyes as funny as that of the Nile crocodile. I walked to the dinning, and with a sip of tea, I whispered into her ears. Keep safe my dear, I gently dropped the tea cup and dashed out of the house, battling with the stairs as I checked time.



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