Domestic Violence

In recent times, incidents as well as instances of domestic violence have actually played numerous but quite shocking clips. More so similar news, keep breeding and spreading like water ripples on the streets, in the air and on paper. One reason is certain for sure, the complex of superiority! As evident as domestic violence is in our very civilized society today, one can strongly argue the excuse for illiteracy as the bane of this issue which existed dating back the years of pre-colonial history.

Domestic violence is any behavior which subjects an individual to abuse by another individual usually in words or actions. This is usually, in any informal familiarity, a setting, where the power bearer abuses gained authority or control over a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, partner, family or extended family member or ward.  This issue indeed is a world plague and has heightened societal concern, following its quite dehumaning index scores.  One’s thought quickly gets engaged like a navigating compass in search for reasons surrounding this jaw dropping, but yet interesting topic. While many see it as  a war against women,  who naturally are the weaker sex, where most times, some customs and traditions have abated the issue, others on the other hand,  paints it a picture of teenagers, children and even most times, the aged, who are by virtue of circumstance are incapacitated to challenge unjust treatments meted against them.

Howbeit, women and children go on spotlight as the vulnerable group. Do you know that at least 750,000 children a year, witness domestic violence and  40-70% of women who are murdered worldwide are killed by their current or former husband or boyfriend (World Report on Violence and Health, WHO, 2002). These stunning figures described being abused in several ways but not limited to verbal assaults/insults, physical violence involving beating, use of weapons besides rape and slavery. In the light of these, the gross effect of domestic violence cannot be under emphasized as it has been linked to separation of homes, divorce, physical disability, health instability, psychological trauma and death The irony of most likely seemed happy relationships or homes, is that of bitterness and fear to let out a cry on the part of the victims. Therefore it is pertinent that government sets up functional legal systems and firm social structures to address the malaise of this often commonized social ill.


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