Don Challenges African Leaders on Research To fight Unemployment, Hunger.

African leaders have been called upon to plough into research to end hunger, unemployment and underdevelopment in the continent instead of depending on foreign aids. Speaking on a sensitization call, at an event drafted by the University of Benin, Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health Innovation (CERHI), Benin City, The Former vice chancellor, University of Ibadan, Prof. Olufemi Bamiro, said that the challenges associated with the African continent can be solved through proper and sustained research in our universities.

During his period of lecture titled, “Sustainable development goal and the Nigeria university system, Bamiro said, “Our universities will have to deploy their education, training, research, innovation and extension capability to tackle the problems. If we build the capacity of existing institutions, we will have the capacity to solve existing problem and new ones.”

He bitterly stressed that our universities’ curriculum is not in correspondence with industries in terms of employment skills, adding that the curriculum should follow a pattern of building the right skills for the industries.

He further disclosed that Nigeria has been insensitive in utilizing the advantage of its youthful population to promote the technological advancement and fight unemployment in the country.
Vice chancellor of the University of Medical Science, Prof. Friday Okonofua, remarked, that  the lecture was to create public awareness about CERHI and its services so that that the general public and the university community gains resourcefully from the functions of the centre which covers provision of reproductive health education and related social services.

According to him, CERHI is one of the 22 African Centers of excellence projects instituted by the World Bank in universities in the West and Central African regions in 2014 for the purpose of arming the institutions to deliver world-leading postgraduate educational systems that will improve the ranking of the universities and also help in generating ideas for solutions to regional developmental challenges.


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