Facebook Exchange $400 Million To Acquire GIF’s Library

Facebook finally consolidates hold on GIPHY with a $400million deal. It is very obvious that GIPHY, an animation technology giant based in Newyork, continues making a present day significant social impact through its generated database of funny animations and images widely available on communication Apps. As part of the deal GIPHY still maintains its own brand, and but gets incorporated and managed by Facebook. The perceived impressions of GIFs on users goes a long way to reveal its popularity almost from the end of the last decade.
“I love GIFs especially when pressing the keyboard is not necessary’’ – Twitter user.

According to a report by Axion, access to GIPHY’s library remain open to other social networks like Twitter, developers and the public.
Not until recently, Facebook seemed not interested in the widely and currently adopted or patronized animated GIFs. But their fast rising, has interestingly won attention with much influence that has proved powerful, a very effective communication tool! offering varieties of self-expressing pictures, videos and works of art.
According to a survey, Facebook accounts for up to half of GIPHY’s recent traffic, stemming from other Facebook products like Whatsaap and Instagram, with Instagram on the hotspot of higher contributors. Literally there is no magic to this since Facebook products revolves around billions of consistent users.
Facebook from henceforth, would feature perfect GIFs and animations for use in Stories and Direct messaging – Facebook Executive Vishal Shal.


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