Fair & White 2: Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion with Hydroquinone

Fair & White 2 Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion with Hydroquinone

A beauty secret exists for years now, and seemingly gets unlocked by a generation whose confidence has kept legs walking tall, eyes staring long, creating a perfect rhythm of balance in carriage and self-expression.


Hey! It is called self-discovery in confidence and not pride. The Fair & White 2 Gold Revitalizing Body Lotion, has sustained distinctive embrace as a beauty routine for a beautiful, moisturized flawless skin. This rich beauty formula, has an ideal way of creating and maximizing moisture-skin interface, keeping the skin hydrated with a soft feel.


Fair and white gold is an outstanding achievement for skin challenged with acnes, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and certain discolorations. With a 1% hydroquinone base for moderate skin brightness and added glow

Available in easy- to- use containers with slightly truncated base, this skin care taker has proved a viable pride in beauty and personal care research. Giving the skin a deserving treat can only get better beyond tawdry ways.

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