He Raped Me At Least Twice In A Month- Female Nigerian Undergraduate

‘’Those five years were quite traumatic for me, I only wanted to protect the dignity of my womanhood, so I remained surreptitious.’’

The story of this anonymous 26-year-old female undergraduate, depicts the character of man’s disposition to inhumanity. The victim shared her teenage experience of being repeatedly raped by her cousin’s husband, who assumed the financial responsibility of her secondary school.

The experience for her was remarkable for several years of psychological torture till she gained freedom. According to her.

Forceful, unconsented sex otherwise known as rape, has been on the rise over the years. Global statistics of rape cases shows that the unacceptable crime takes place almost every day around the world. In most cases, lots of women have lost their lives along the line, while others have suffered one form of medical condition or another and many have lived their lives with inflicted disabilities.

In Nigeria, the recent rape and murder of a 22-year-old UNIBEN Student and other reported rape cases, casts a reflection on generated data and emerging trends from several accredited international NGOs charged with human social responsibilities

According to a 2019 UN violence against women report, 15 million females in the category of adolescents, have been forced to indulge in sexual relationships at some point while growing up. This extrapolated stunning figure connects all forms of abuse against women- domestic violence, early girl-child marriage, women trafficking etc.

In the past, most rape cases were given little attention and justice also faced a lot of obstruction as a result of weak, inconsistent and subtle legal procedures. As a result of this, most rape victims resort to withdrawing plans aimed at initiating prosecution. Many times, the irony of seeking justice turns out to brew stigmatization from the society therefore for the victims, a second thought of protecting self-dignity becomes considerable.

However, several submissions have kicked against the shortcomings of relevant authorities on this gender-based violation, the world seeks firm laws and polices on this sensitive topic which will spell severe penalties against the perpetrators of rape crimes so as to protect women anywhere in the world.



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  1. Ebere says:

    The statistics are craaaaazy! And it’s literally on the increase. Protests and all the “gragra” going on are great; however after a while people go back to their normal lives and the perpetrators come back to “status quo “, especially in the far rural areas. We need serial radical advocacy against this act and for the government to put strict laws and consequences in place. That way, victims will feel protected.

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