HoMedics Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain, Illuminated Waterfall, Automatic Pump

Treat your mood to a balance with this Asian-inspired Relaxation Waterfall Fountain. The stress level of individuals differs in relation to their nature of work, duration of time put at work, health, age or sex. Stress is almost impossible to eliminate from existence. Therefore, any moment of break or rest is such a huge blessing! This portable relaxation water-fall is an amenity to take you on that tourism destination, keeping your mind and body company with its perfect lush anytime any day. With this three-stepped water fall design, you can fix yourself, a space of wonder or a home sweet home! Besides the glamorous impact it presents, its synergy with health improving benefits cannot be undermined. The inspiration in its functionality is drawn from natural waterfalls and for many lovers of nature, previous experience at such natural scenes can never be enough! It is amazing isn’t it? now let’s see how super amazed you’d get as we learn further, the secrets in its perceived, overwhelming, everyday experience.

Artistically portable 
The collections of river rocks, the layout of pump that initiates a tranquil spring flow, segments of flow trays, all make up a compact table top fountain, offering luxury in rooms and/or any other indoor space of choice.

Sounds of natural water
Trickling sounds of water from basins, comes with a gentle soothing feeling. This is very powerful to condition the mind as to get rid of stress. This experience could be helpful for people suffering health disorders caused by stress. Similarly, it is very suitable to enhance sleep and make moments of yoga exercise worth engaging.

Bed of rocks
Engages the eyes as it creates an admirable scene of natural spring, the resounding flow of water over the rocks, adds to that exciting natural feel in your environment especially as they can be seen and felt.

Illumination enabled glow
It is indeed captivating to explore the glowing reflections of water as it flows, when lights are turned off in the night.
The amenity created by the waterfall is very unique as its pleasing effects, cuts across the senses of sight, sound and touch. You are just close to living the lifestyle you desire. Click here and find out more.

HoMedics Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain, Illuminated Waterfall, Automatic Pump


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