“Don’t Move, Lie down!”, I heard a loud bass voice echo behind me. I could feel a round metal pointing into my skin, sitting directly on my spine. A gun? I had never imagined I would ever see one in reality. Well, I guess I might not be seeing one at the moment, but the one I was already having pointing to my spine was already sending vibrating waves to my brain, back and forth.

I had just returned my one bedroom flat from my day job today feeling elated at the progress of the day’s event. It was indeed a memorable and funny day, and inasmuch as I would have loved to start reminiscing everything, I really needed rest. I had entered the bathroom and taken my shower and I was heading towards the kitchen to prepare my dinner when the intruder had stopped me. The power supply had being withdrawn while i was dressing, damn that unreliable company. Now see the condition I’m into and I can’t help myself. I can’t even get a peek of what this person looks like.

Getting back to the present, I realized I was still standing and I hurriedly bounced onto the floor without plans of springing back to my initial spot. Sweat trickled down from all the sweat pores in my body. It seemed my adrenaline was only meant to produce fluids during moments of danger instead of energy and strength. My urinary system even failed me as it released hot liquid onto my already clean body. Please whom did I offend ? I never used to acknowledge that I was this kinda soft fidgety person, but today I choose to retract my statement.

I waited patiently for the next command. Shouldn’t I be developing an escape plan? Shouln’t I feel around for an object for self defense? But no, my body choose to be still and my brain the master of command must have gone on break.

The cold floor added more shivers to my spine as the intruder kept pacing. Moments later, the pacing stopped and I felt my body being turned over. I felt calloused fingers running through my cloth and my skin. Was he a rapist? His hands were warm. They seemed to remind me of someone familiar, but fear kept pushing those thoughts away. The voice and actions didn’t also fit into the class of anyone I knew.

I prayed in my mind, wishing Martins my fiancé would turn up now. He had promised to come around today by about 8 o’clock today. Maybe there was abit of traffic today and that could be why he was not here now. I have known him to be a man of his words. Thankfully, he had a key to my apartment. That means I just had to play along with this intruder till my saviour shows.

The calloused fingers continued non-stop awaking every nerve in my body. I swear the touch was really familiar and it amazed me how I tuned to it. Suddenly the fingers paused and I felt a mouth crushing mine and kissing me roughly like a starves vampire. The awakened nerves swam to and fro my central nervous system, sending and receiving impulses at the same time.

Then I remembered I had just heard the clicking sound of a key in a keyhole moments ago when I was in the bathroom. There had being no wild or heavy noises by the intruder when he had entered and it only feels right for me to say that this intruder had come with a key. The key to my house. Martins?

“Martins!”, I screamed as I held him closely. He laughed aloud. I heard his laughter now, the intruders own. It was my Martins.
“Babe, you scared me”, I complained. He continued laughing as he turned on the flashlight which I had assumed to be a gun some minutes ago.
” I told you I would get you back for what you did earlier, I can’t be the only fool on April. Happy April Fool’s day”, he said smiling broadly.

I had totally forgotten it was 1st of April. I knew it could be from the stress from the day and also the fear I had felt seconds ago. Laughing out aloud, Martins reminded me on how he had rushed to the hospital earlier in the morning when I had played the April Fool’s prank on him, telling him I had fainted and was rushed to the emergency ward and I had just being resuscitated.

I remembered how he had called me 15minutes later and I was surprised when he said he had arrive the hospital. He had made it at half the time expected from his workplace to the hospital and he looked really uncomfortable. He had come to see me in the Ward attending to one of my patients.

He was not happy I had played a prank on him but was happy I was not admitted into the hospital. He had jokingly told me that he would get me back and he just did. I smiled. Thank God it was just a prank after all, but I bet he doesn’t know what I have in store for him. It’s twenty nine days justify in April and for the record, the April Fool’s game just began

Story written by Obinwa Oluchi


Humbly here is nedukems, very much interested in personal development. I loosen creativity in writing, music and other arts. Am professionally, a Food Technologist. I bid you a warm welcome here….say yes to your positive dreams, i believe in you!. leave your feedback at

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