It Can Only Be Better -Tory Drescher

Tory Drescher

‘ When i was 16 years old, I dropped out of high school. this is something that up till now, only my friends knew. debilitating anxiety and depression surrounding a desire to be perfect drove me from a 4.0 student in all AP classes, running varsity track, as the president of the high school, to virtually being unable to bring myself to walk into the building without having a panic attack. My self-worth and identity were utterly dependent upon my academic performance, and eventually, I came to believe that my childhood dream of becoming a physician would never come to fruition.

In May, I graduated from Boston University with a degree in neuroscience. In July, I’ll start a two year post-baccalaureate clinical fellowship with the top-rated psychiatric hospital in the country, Mclean. Afterward, I plan on attending medial school.

I write all of this not to be self-serving or demand recognition but to hopefully reach someone who feels that their life has entered a point of hopelessness.

If you think that you will never be happy again or that your life is useless, I can promise you that isn’t true. God loves you, and CAN get through the darkness you’re experiencing

Its never too late to seek help, make a change and find your purpose.’


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