Kelechi O. Uzoho Celebrates his birthday Today along side Skynet Digital Agency – SKYDA 4Years Aniversary

Kelechi Uzoho
A day so remarkable is here. It is remarkably symbolic to a brother, a friend, a son and a vibrant young man, who ideally is any young lady’s dream.He is a multi-talented information technologist with drive,whose resourcefulness per time, has indeed provided solutions to digital marketing, web designing, Sofware development, Digital media(Photography, Video etc) in general, to mention but a few, besides numerous information-related tasks.

He is the CEO Skynet Digital Agency – SKYDA… Mindful of a fast developing era in information technology and management.  Mr. Kelechi Uzoho, as formally addressed ,is technically baked in straightening the lines, giving you a smile to realizing your ICT needs.

Today marks him plus one, and as gladdened the pen to express his kindheartedness, brilliance, chaste demeanor among other attributes this article cannot contain. We celebrate your ideas and witty expressions of professionalism.. You are indeed a star and to all you desire, we wish you fruitful endeavors. HAPPY BIRTHDY SIR KC… 

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