Learning Resources View-Thru Geometric Solids, Geometry Helper, 14 Pieces

Child education begins almost immediately after birth. It is quite egregious when parents deny their children certain learning resources just because of misconceptions such as – She’s too young, he’s just a year old and a whole lot of literal assumptions which are not quite convincing. Just pause a moment and rethink because you are getting it all wrong. Child’s psychology experts show that within 0-2 years of a child’s early life, kids tend to engage their senses to familiarize with life as well as manipulate objects. little wonder a crying child’s attention could be easily manipulated using sounds of hand clap, jingles, use of bright colors, play toys etc. These facts appreciably relate how these senses can bring about a mood-switch.

Most mathematics phobia developed by kids was aided by an absolute wrong foundation, which a lack in necessary learning materials besides other factors, is a huge contributor. Symbols of numbers, letters presented using boldly defined objects would definitely be inspiring than mere number prints on paper. Such impressions could also be created through shapes of objects presented similarly. These approaches could present a pre-learning exposure to kids at home before enrollment at school. Learning aides, are interestingly not boring if you are yet to know.


Geometric solids are fantastic breakthroughs that can stir up a child’s intimacy with physical shapes of objects such as rectangles, cubes, cones, circles etc. It is a companion that works on the cognitive skills of kids in preparation for scientific tasks in the future. These shapes solely impress mathematical concepts in beautifully colored 3-D, easy-to-clean shapes which are either liquid-filled or dry-filled.


Ideal for children leaving the pre-operational stage into the phase where kids can factor out differences in things happening around them, thoughts and feelings amongst other kids. Grooming the mental readiness of kids is a powerful game changer!


Learning Resources View-Thru Geometric Solids, Geometry Helper, 14 Pieces, Ages 8+


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