Look Before You Leap

“The walking reckless legs should always be at alert, because the wandering reckless eyes sees it”.

These has become a national anthem sung almost on daily basis by Mrs. Ayo Balogun to her daughter and only child Deborah Onaghie Balogun, a tall, fair, slim, nicely shaped, intelligent and young vibrant lady, who has decided to live the rest of her life clubbing around with her best friend Precious.

Deborah and Precious were besties right from their secondary school days. They both lost contact after their WAEC examinations, but coincidentally met again as course mates in the same university were they continued as friends. They both graduated with a second class upper from the department of Political science.

Deborah who was once a devout Christian never missing church services and activities, suddenly changed and became a huge fan of night clubbing, flowing like an ocean of water from one man to another all thanks to her bestie who always hucked her up and covered up for her anytime needed.

Mrs. Ayo a poor widow who swore to give her precious jewel the very best in life after the demise of her husband and bread winner of the family, late Mr. Tunde Balogun, who died of Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum) four years after the birth of Deborah. The loving mother who suffered to raise Deborah and train her through school always wept and prayed God to change her daughter who was obviously heading to destruction.

She never gave up advising her daughter to turn a new live.

One faithful Sunday morning, Mrs. Ayo was getting ready for church service when she heard her daughter Deborah sobbing out loud from within her room. She went closer and knocked at the door;

“knock knock, Debi are you okay?, please open up the door”. said Mrs. Ayo.
“Mum please, just go away” replied Deborah from within the room.
“No! my baby, please open up for your mother, whatever the problem is you can tell me, I am your mother and would always be here for you” said Mrs. Ayo.

After much persuasion from Mrs. Ayo, Deborah finally opened up the door, but what Mrs. Ayo saw made her weep. Deborah was bleeding, and when asked by her mother what the problem was, she started crying and asking for her mother’s forgiveness at the same time.

Mrs. Ayo promised to forgive her no matter the offense she has committed. Deborah Finally opened up;
“Mum please, forgive me. It was the day before yesterday, I found out I was pregnant again the sixth time in two years, I told my friend Precious about it and as usual she advised I go abort the baby. At first I refused because the doctor has warned that removing this one might cost my life, but after due consideration I accepted to do so, but..” she cried out even more.

“But what?”, the mother said almost immediately.

“ But I lost my womb at the process”.

Before she could finish up the last words, her mother already fainted. She quickly rushed her mother to the hospital, but it was too late. Mrs. Ayo already gave up the ghost.

Deborah cried so much that her eyes became all red and swollen. She at that point regretted not listening to her mom, she regretted not looking before leaping.

Now she lost not just her womb and the opportunity of being a future mother but she also Lost the love of her life, her mother.


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