Microbiology Research Topics

  1. A microbiological survey on fairly used under wears sold from different vendors
  2. Bacteriological examination of Nzu (Clay).
  3. Isolation of tinea species from barbing equiptments rom different barbing salons.
  4. Bacterial pathogens associated with marketed garr location sold in (add location eg Orlu)
  5. Prevalence of among febrile patients in a General Hospital
  6. Isolation and characterization of microorganisms associated with hands of some occupational group.
  7. Micobial spectrum and physiochemical properties of Ivo River lowland soil in Ebonyi State.
  8. Microorganisms associated with spoilt tomato (lycopersicum esulentum)
  9. Prevalence of fungi species associated with commercially prepared poultry feeds from three different companies.
  10. Bacterial spoilage of baked beans
  11. Microbiological examination of barbed hairs of immates in Nigerian prison.
  12. Microbiological examination of effluent water obtained from a brewery.
  13. Microbiological assessment of laundry water wastes obtained from different selected outlets.
  14. Microbiological evaluation of a river in your hometown (add location eg (Njaba Oru East LGA).
  15. Prevalence of cholera amongst primary school pupils in (add a name of a school)
  16. Comparative assessment on microbiological acceptability of salads served in three local eateries.
  17. Microbiological evaluation of a- year- due- tooth brushes from different homes.
  18. Comparative assessment of microbiological nature of fried garri sold in three different markets ad in (
  19. Microbiological analysis of street vended Zobo (fruit juice)
  20. Impact of rice farming on soil physiochemical properties and microbial structures.
  21. The prevalence of chylamydiaTrachomatisamong students of…(add a named school).
  22. Microbial bioload of sawdust ash amended eroded soil.
  23. Bacterial associated with the spoilage of carrot
  24. Survey of fungi associated with spoilage sweet potato tuber.
  25. Microbiological examination of expired and used cosmetics.
  26. Microorganisms associated with sweet potato spoilage.
  27. Microbial examination of spoilt avocado fruits (Persia Americana).
  28. Microbial evaluation of raw milk from a diary farm


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