Midwives Vacant positions in Galway Ireland.

We are recruiting for a hospital in Galway looking for a registered midwife (RM) for their maternity care unit . Suitable for a nurse willing to relocate to Galway Ireland . Any overseas applicant must have NMBI eligibility letter/decision letter or be willing to take RSCI exam. This hospital is a government facility and require this position filled ASAP.

Expectations are:
* You’ll be the expert on childbirth and your responsibilities are likely to be diverse. *You’ll provide: full antenatal care, including parenting classes, clinical examinations and screening identify high-risk pregnancies.
*monitor women and support them during labour and the birthing process
* teach new and expectant mothers how to feed, care for and bathe their babies
*You could be working with women from a variety of backgrounds and you will need to be confident enough to communicate with different people. Some women and their families might be homeless, socially excluded, have disabilities or be very young. Other clients may be from certain cultural or religious backgrounds.

All women will need you to understand the emotional, physical and psychological processes of pregnancy and birth. *Sometimes pregnancies do not go to plan and you will need to offer support and advice on stillbirth, miscarriage, termination, neonatal death and neonatal abnormalities.

If you are working as a community midwife, you are likely to develop good professional relationships with your families, which can make counselling easier at difficult times.

“Experiencing the birth of a baby as part of your day job is incredible.”
if you have the midwifery skills and qualifications, Please send CV with your eligibility /decision letter to overseanurses@clicknurse.eu
Please work on your cv before you send it to avoid rejection. Application deadline is 20th July 2021. Thank you.


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