Motunrayo’s 5.0 CGPA Closure Makes History At Covenant University.

‘On the 11th of July 2019, I graduated as the best graduating student ever with a perfect result 5.0 CGPA, from covenant University (B.Eng, Petroleum Engineering). It was indeed a beautiful journey and I’m immensely grateful to everyone who helped me through it. I found favor and i do not take it for granted. This is just the beginning’…

Ajia Motunrayo Victoria of Petroleum Engineering Department, Covenant University recently was recognized, the best outstanding student with overwhelming Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 5.0. It has been a victory lap for Motunrayo following this announcement on the 14th convocation occasion of Covenant University which took place on July 19, at Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State.
Not until recently, such an amazing performance as Motunrayo’s, has been a thin on the ground in the history of the great citadel of learning.
During 14th convocation of the university, a total of 1546 students were conferred honorary degrees in various study programmes of which 215 students, bagged first class, in addition, 668 emerged graduates in the second class (upper division) category, while 415 and only a total of nine students closed with second class (lower division), and third class respectively. The post graduate category had a number of 239 students.
Motunrayo’s speech was more of gratitude to God, her appreciation for friends and colleagues in the department of petroleum engineering and her wonderful family, she expressed owing everything to God and her wonderful biological family for their relentless support which encouraged her.“I got all the support I needed to succeed” she said.
The department of petroleum engineering and the entire management of Covenant University were not left out on her appreciation list, for providing effective learning systems which contributed greatly to her success story.
The record breaker in her words of advice to fellow graduating students, assured that hard work, consistency and sound values can always clear the pie in the sky. She went further to sensitize that any positive resilient approach which socialization has offered them overtime in the institution, could always be a helpful tool to tackling real life challenges.
She pointed out the essence of letting go the mistakes of the past and rather learning from them to building strong personalities of pride, void of self pity. According to her, the heat they have taken for the last five years was much to bear. ‘‘We did it”, She remarked.


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