My Valentine’s Date

Your love sweeps my heart like the hands of time

Filling my calendar with smiles richer than dime

Now I know why I brag about you

Having read much of you from nature’s glossary

The memories of time tells

My persevered countryside trails

In search of your hidden treasure

With my heels eroded by earth’s razor

Yet you raised my heart in the fight

I was stunned as I got your surd right



Now I walk tall a complete man because of you

Your love strenthenes my weakness like fresh dew

Sweeter it tastes than the finest brew of France

Nature so delights calling you beauty and brilliance

Yet upholding your chaste and humble undertone

I don’t want to walk the beach shores all alone

For the jacaranda is treated to deluxe and shed

And my gift awaits beautifully wrapped in red

I pledge you love that fire cannot destroy

As I sing I love you nmanwanyi my beauty McCoy.

Written By: Nedukems


Humbly here is nedukems, very much interested in personal development. I loosen creativity in writing, music and other arts. Am professionally, a Food Technologist. I bid you a warm welcome here….say yes to your positive dreams, i believe in you!. leave your feedback at

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