Native Marriage


 The beautiful day is now

A mirage of hours ago

In a far land Umudagu

Who is this lady Adaeze?

Joyous as flowing waters of Nile

Her dance steps visits everywhere

As she guides her cup against a fall

With beads dancing around her waist and legs

And her eyes sweeping all directions

Hands clamor in the cloud

Like pupils with answers for a quiz

Anxious for the teachers’ prize



Eyes were too numerous to count

Both of men with staff and on red caps

Smiling and watching like stadium spectators

Suddenly like butterfly she flee a distance

And briskly perched on her master

Whose belly emptied the treasured wooden cup

Sound of clapping hands went up like thunder

All and sundry panted and danced

Whilst keeping busy with plates and spoons

And chewing like grazing cows

Music took over in the air

While many compete with cups of wine

Written By: Nedukems


Humbly here is nedukems, very much interested in personal development. I loosen creativity in writing, music and other arts. Am professionally, a Food Technologist. I bid you a warm welcome here….say yes to your positive dreams, i believe in you!. leave your feedback at

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  1. Lilian Chinyere says:

    “Native Marriage” very informative peom, I enjoyed reading the peom.

  2. Peter says:

    Keep it up.

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