Registered Psychiatric Nurses Positions- Dublin Ireland

Registered Psychiatric Nurse Position- Dublin Ireland

We are recruiting for a hospital in Dublin looking for a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) for their acute ward, rehabilitation unit and dementia care unit . Suitable for a nurse willing to relocate to Dublin Ireland . Any overseas applicant must have NMBI eligiblity letter/decision letter or be willing to engage with a 6weeks adaptation which is paid at €12.25ph. You will also be provided with 8 weeks accommodation. This hospital is a private healthcare facility and require this position filled ASAP. when you are fully registered, salary starts from €34,500 pa-€60,000 depending on your experience.

As a Mental Health Nurse, Your job responsibilities include the following:

* Promoting and supporting a person’s recovery and enabling them to have more involvement and control over their condition.

*Supporting people with mental health issues ranging from anxiety ,depression, schizophrenia,bi-polar disorders to personality and eating disorders or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

*Assessing and supporting service users encouraging patients to take part in therapies like role play, art, drama, and discussion etc.

*Assisting with physical care in some circumstances

*Administering Medication

*Recording patients vital signs and documenting them

*Performing blood pressure follow-ups that include assessing the patient’s response to medications and providing patient education and self management strategies as per HIQA program guidelines

*Maintaining the INR monitoring and management system

*Completing pre-operative and MTO physical forms

*Maintaining accurate, concise and confidential documentation pertaining to patient history and encountered data

Key Qualifications and Education Requirements

if you are an overseas candidates with psychiatric nursing skills and qualifications, with NMBI decision letter, Please send CV with your eligibility /decision letter to

If you are a qualified psychiatric nurse fully registered with NMBI and living in Ireland

Please send your most updated cv to

Application deadline is 30th July 2021. Thank you.

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