She’s Twenty-Nine

Suddenly says it is time
Cutting short my so sweet sleep
Slowly my head now spin in depression
Just like the earth around the sun

He is a special tree in the orchard
A kind not likened to bellicosity
Yet of bravery fastened to the lion’s heart
A voice repeatedly jeered in whisper

Leaving me bound in the arms of thought
And free in the world of loneliness
I washed my face up early severally
Eye goop sticks up hardened dry

What a day’s nightmare so coarse in form
The hallmark of last year of twennies yells
To all friends that care
Loud is the beat of my obsessed heart

Am far away on a journey to see Santa
And empty my jute bag of wish
It cannot be least in my list
To begin a thirty in the arms of true love


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