Skynet Digital Agency- SKYDA Anniversary Speech. by Kelechi O. Uzoho (CEO)


SKYDA is a child who has made all of us proud in one or the other not by achievements as much as by humility and grace value system and curtsey – Kelechi O. Uzoho CEO Skynet Digital Agency -SKYDA

Excerpts from the speech made at the 4th anniversary celebrations of SKYDA in Lagos, Nigeria DATE: 18 June 2018.

It is a matter of great pride to see your child grow up, embrace a good value system, seek high aspirations, and achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. My young friends, SKYDA is one such child; a child who has made all of us proud not only just by her achievements but as much by her humility, grace, value system and courtesy.

There is a set of people I want to thank on this occasion. First, of course is you, the pioneers of SKYDA. You embraced high aspirations and a great value system and I am proud that you have proved that a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility. Your dreams, your aspirations, and your hard work would have all come to naught if it were not for a set of extraordinary people with equally high aspirations, courage, dreams and perhaps even nobler objective than we had when we founded SKYDA. In fact, they carried the hopes and dreams of millions of Nigeria and worked against all odds to make what seemed impossible, possible.

I am referring to Kelechi Uzoho (Founder/CEO), Robinson Agwazuo (Co-founder/MD) and Felix Onyenobi (Co-founder)., I am glad to have you all as partner you are welcomed.

SKYDA is a shining example of the success of the Information Technology. It is a company that has created high quality training for youths and given services to a lot of businesses in Nigeria, contributed a lot in raising the IT standard of Nigeria.  Let them understand by this noble example that there is no alternative to high aspirations, courage, confidence, and excellence in execution in competing with the global best to leave a better society for our children. Friends, by celebrating this 4th year of SKYDA we are celebrating the success of these architects of IT reforms of Nigeria, and the courage, aspiration, enthusiasm, energy and hard work of every one of the SKYDA organization. We are all celebrating the success of the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, wives and children of SKYDA whose sacrifices just render our own sacrifice into little, insignificant ones.

Friends, as I wrote this article, several images pass through my mind. Waiting at the entrance to the bank month after month after month with my friend Mr. Rhema Dunamis – who is here with me today – I have, sometimes waited for 4 to 6 hours to obtain part of our own hard-earned dollars to support our struggle. It is an experience that I cannot forget and would not wish it for anybody else.

Friends, I can go on and on and on, but what is important is to remember that we have bigger challenges and rewards ahead of us. I may not be there when all of this is achieved, but I know that we have a wonderful set of people. But we all have to remember one thing and that is aspirations, courage, principles, and innovation and relentless focus on execution will carry you all to that great success that you all want to achieve.



SKYDA Team in management meeting

My fellow SKYDA team, I have a tradition of ending my speech with positive news. This speech too is no exception. I would like to announce that the management of Skynet Digital Agency – SKYDA has decided and communicated to me that they will be distributing recharge cards and other prices to members of our fan page, that is the followers of our Social Media handles ( to commemorate the anniversary celebrations of the company.

Thank you very much.

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