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Marked in Johannesburg South Africa, THE MR BODY BEAUTIFUL comes up per year as a national community development project. The project is remarkable for men who preferably develop less muscular but  athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique. The MR BODY BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT (a copyrighted project) grooms young men that aspire for excellence, professionalism, torrid competence and compassion.

He is a male figure, that is outstanding from an average man. A man whose physical qualities ,intelligence, commitment and fit physique are superior.

He must posses inner strength and handle conflicts and challenging situations professionally. He must posses high personality and be fun loving with a balanced lifestyle. These characteristics define  MR BODY BEAUTIFUL

MR BODY BEAUTIFUL  strongly discourage

Rape, Women Abuse, Domestic violence, Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Crime, Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Human Trafficking


Get pre Ticket Sales online for R150.00

At the Door: R200.00

find out more on Instagram : mrbodybeautiful2018


Humbly here is nedukems, very much interested in personal development. I loosen creativity in writing, music and other arts. Am professionally, a Food Technologist. I bid you a warm welcome here….say yes to your positive dreams, i believe in you!. leave your feedback at

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