The World Loses Another Musical Icon

Betty Wright, the international Grammy-winning R&B singer has died on Sunday at her home in Miami at 66.Born on Dec. 21, 1953, and last child among her siblings, Wright started performing with her family’s gospel group, the Echoes of Joy, in her native Miami. The group in 1956, released an album when she was below 6.
Her early life recorded a couple of songs: “My First Time Around” which she did at age 14. Wright’s song “Clean Up Woman”, was released when she turned 17 and made waves as one of her most successful collections

. At age 11, Wright’s music activity took to gospel, R&Bs local talent shows in Miami. Her deal with Deep City Records at age 12, led to a release of her first studio album, “My First Time Around,” making a Top 40 hit with “Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do.”
Wright was nominated for six Grammy Awards following her relatable songs, “Clean Up Woman,” “No Pain, (No Gain)” and “Tonight is the Night” and emerged winner for one best rhythm and blues song in 1976 for “Where is the Love”.
Besides her key role in the Miami funk sound of the ’70s, the artiste maintained visibility on the R&B chart as a lead singer, duet partner and background vocalist, with 20 different singles in the Top 40, R&B ranking.
Several years of Wright’s music career remain of practically inspiring. Her song “Clean Up Woman” earned more than a million sold copies in 1971. It was also remixed by the singer, Mary J. Blige in her “Real Love’’ hit song. “The Art of Love and War” is her collaboration with the British singer Joss Stone. Her other songs include R&B classics “Let Me Be Your Lovemaker”, “Shoorah Shoorah,” and “Tonight Is The Night” and a duet “Baby”, with the modern-day soul artiste Angie Stone.
Wright’s musical career peaked within the late ’70s and early ’80s. In 1974, she won a Grammy for the disco-infused song “Where Is the Love?”
Following the launch her own independent label within the ‘80s, she released the hit “No Pain (No Gain),”. She later recorded “Mother Wit”, this earned her a great achievement uncommon not amongst female black American record label owners.
The artiste’s giftedness as a songwriter and producer, spotted her with artistes like, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Alice Cooper, David Byrne, Erykah Badu, Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine, Bob Marley, Keyshia Cole, Nas, P. Diddy, and Kelly Clarkson, among others. Several TV shows featured Wright including MTV reality series “Making the Band,”


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