Trip to the West

“That’s her, the one we just summoned,” I heard a deep voice with a thick Yoruba accent echo somewhere around the waterfall. It seemed to come from my left and so I turned in search of the owner of the voice. I could only notice the big trees situated beside the falls. Maybe I was just being paranoid because the environment was serene.

I let the water from the falls splash onto my face, trickle down my skin while drenching my clothes. I was standing on a quite slippery stone and though within me I felt it was a risky spot, I could not help but retain it as the position let me feel the force of the water which splashed unto me, rolled onto the stone and down forming a stream around the stone. It was an amazing sight.

Something broke the silence again, and I could only tag the sound I heard to that of a crow. The bird sang its mournful hymn while sitting somewhere amongst those trees. Then a shrilling sound of an owl joined the solo song of the crow, raising goose bumps on my arms and in fright, I slipped off the stone hitting my head on another piece of rock which had be covered up with water. The little stream now seemed to have a huge depth as I fought had to gain balance and get up after the fall I had mistakenly made. Warm liquid soaked my brows while dropping on my lids and lashes. I felt a stinging pain on my forehead. Then I saw blood- my blood.

My hormones fled into action making me to kick continuously. The more I kicked, the more I drowned. It seemed as though someone was pulling me from beneath. I could swear I heard someone laughing hideously amongst the trees. I was scared to my spines but I struggled on.

Kicking once again, I banged my feet on something. My eyes fled open and I noticed I was in another surrounding. I was lying on my bed and my foam was drenched from the excessive perspiration. My feet really stung and I could still feel a throbbing pain on my forehead. I felt so exhausted.

I climbed off my bed, took a bucket of water and hastened towards the bathroom for a quick shower. I heard the chimes of the church bell signifying it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Then I heard a deep voice with thick Yoruba accent announce the departure time for the excursion to the west and the events for the day. He stated that we would be exploring the famous Olummiri waterfall. Damn! his voice sounded so familiar, it sounded like the voice I heard in the dream.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, maybe I’m just being a scaredy-cat. I know I feel funny about this trip and I should cancel my plans to visit the west. So I’m giving out my ticket to the first most adventurer I meet today. I hope you have fun at the west.

Story written by Obinwa Oluchi

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