Why industries fail to absorb Nigerian graduates….Minister Says

Recently, Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwukah publicly made open that industries are turning down graduates from Nigerian universities following failure of the system,  to harness tools that can meet the demands of industries.

The Minister, while addressing attendees  present during the beginning of a two-day retreat set up  by the National Universities Commission (NUC) for Governing Councils of federal universities, was of opinion that a plan to introduce a re-schooling project that would link students and industries, has become a serious need.

According to Anwukah, the students’ industrial programme has failed in provision of  the required links, which has prompted refusal of industries to employ graduates as he explained.

He asked: “At what point are we breaking the jinx of our graduates not been able to meet the needs of our industries,”

Furthering, He sensitized everyone present at the retreat to open and sustain doors between Nigerian universities and the industry.

On the course of initiating the re-schooling project plan for the enhancement of the Nigerian students’ productivity at field of work, he cried over the slack and irrelevance of the Students’ Industrial Working Experience Scheme (SIWES) programme which he termed unresponsive owing to inadequate supervision.

Channeling answers to “How do we address this challenge, the university system is making effort to build acquaintance with industries. We should strategize on plans to engage our graduates on one whole year training in  their field-related practice.

“It is a big challenge and it remains a problem in the Nigerian university system, at what point do we find synergy, this is one of the problems the retreat needs to address,” the Minister also added.

Throwing light on the benefits of accessing new knowledge in the university system, Prof Ayo Banjo, Chairman Governing Board of NUC, said funds must be made available for the institutions for them to measure up accordingly in world university ranking chart.

The Chairman went further saying that financial aids from government must be clear in the universities, not forgetting to have a sufficient staff to student ratio.

He said “University is judged largely by quality of its academic staff, international faculty and student ratio are key elements of ranking any university in the world. Nigerian universities for a start should open doors to students in West Africa countries. This will open revenue for them,”

Prof Banjo noted Nigerian universities would be 70 years old by Nov 17, 2018 and ‘we are still at the infancy stage’. He said

As put by him, the general belief is that the Nigerian universities system has been borne with a conception of under performance  compared to  what other developed countries can offer and this must be seriously evaluated.

Matters of universities ranking, was also addressed by Banjo who stated NUC’s readiness to provide a local ranking system soon. To boost excellence



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