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YANGKE, has proved reliable within a period of eight years of defined technological innovations and developments in  single cylinders, air-cooled gasoline engines, DC generators, rare-earth permanent magnetic alternators and more.  Founded by Mr. Changming, in 2001, this china based factory operates in Shanghai  with annual production capacity of 800,000 units in a well equipped, designed workshop sub units.

Coming in different power and voltage ratings, this heavy-weight company introduces YANGKE Digital Inverter Generator Sets. These wide range of  mechanical designs, among other utility models have been approved outstandingly as “High Technology Enterprise” with varying certifications  including CE, GS, PSE & SONCAP etc.

YANGKE brands are marked for uniqueness realized through   rooted formulas of study and research in technology and has gained recognition in the leading position, in the field of Digital Inverter Gasoline Generator in China, where utility models of  gasoline inverter generators have reawakened  reliability in  power generation, pioneering breakthrough in  modern technology.

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YANGKE inverter gasoline generators,  offers the best in modern technology with  low price, warranty and convenience within Nigeria in the global market.

Sales agents are available online write one today  nedukems@yahoo.com or Call: 08028587714/08127912239

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