Young Nigerian female political science student of the University of Benin have Woowed  the internet/social media…..

Jane-Frances Ezeudenna a young Nigerian political science student of the University of Benin have Woowed  the internet/social media in her written express of gratitude as she announce to the LinkedIn family first post ever on LinkedIn which coincides with her birthday .

She wrote:



Words seems to have developed wings and have flown away from my head.
All I have been doing for the past forty-five mins. was staring lustfully at my Phone screen admiring it’s fancy keyboard as though it was the first time seeing it.
Another ten minutes gone, yet nothing seems to be coming to my head, all I kept doing was making sure my phone screen doesn’t get tired waiting for me and decides to take a second nap.
I finally decided to let my phone alone and I myself rest, and that wasn’t before I exclaimed out aloud,
“WOW! this shit isn’t funny! Have I really been sitting down here for the past an hour and twenty-eight minutes doing nothing but staring and robbing my thumbs against each other? ”.

“OMG! ”I exclaimed as I bounced onto my bed, though feeling a little disappointed, my body can’t help but feel my bed so comfy and cosy as I cuddle up big time with the pillows.

I began looking up towards the ceiling, noticing the rolling ceiling fan as my eyes both rolled round in line with the movement of the fan, and then I thought to myself in my mind;
“Look how this fan is rolling tirelessly and continuously, serving its purpose and being useful to me. It just rolls non-stop provided there is power supply to keep it rolling”.
And I thought to myself yet again, this time in a rhetorical question,
“What am I doing as a person to be useful to others?
What or who is my power supply to keep me going? ”

Just then I felt something drop down my cheek and brought me back to consciousness, I raised a finger to find out what it was , Lo and behold, it was a tear.
It was just then I realized how sad and disappointed I was within me.

Immediately my phone rang, I reached out to it and looking into the screen to find out who the caller was , I saw written, AMICA MEA  Continue Reading….



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